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What are scorpions?

Scorpions are arachnids and nocturnal predators that feed on a wide variety of living creatures like insects, spiders, other scorpions, and centipedes. Their feeding habits help to control populations of nuisance insects. However, while scorpions are beneficial, they quickly become unwelcome pests when they find their way to our Phoenix properties.

Some main physical features of scorpions include the following:

  • Eight legs
  • Two large pincers
  • A segmented tail that arches over their back
  • A stinger at the end of the tail
  • Small eyes that provide poor vision
  • A hard exoskeleton covers their body
  • Adults grow between half an inch to seven inches in length

These pests thrive in warm, dry climates, making Phoenix, Arizona, a place where scorpions thrive, and that commonly find their way to our yards and homes.

Are scorpions dangerous?

Scorpions defend themselves from threats by delivering painful stings. Though scorpions are not aggressive towards people, they won't hesitate to sting to stop themselves from being accidentally squashed.

Scorpion stings are painful, and homeowners should take their presence seriously, but they are rarely life-threatening. People highly allergic to their venom, young kids, and older adults are most at threat of having a severe or life-threatening reaction to a scorpion sting.

Being proactive against dangerous scorpions is best; these stinging pests should not be allowed to thrive on our properties. The more close contact you have with these pests, the more likely a sting will occur.

Why do I have a scorpion problem?

Scorpions in Phoenix, Arizona, are drawn to our properties because they offer them the things they need; food, water, and areas of shelter.

Morning dew that collects on grass and plants in our yards can provide these pests with a water source. The insects that scorpions feed on thrive in our yards around gardens, trash cans, and outdoor eating areas. Scorpions won't hesitate to take shelter behind tree bark, in woodpiles, under mulch, between landscaping rocks, and under things like trash cans, potted plants, and other containers.

Once scorpions discover that your property provides them with their basic needs, they won't be easy to keep away. Like other living creatures, scorpions want to be comfortable; unfortunately, our Phoenix properties offer them a comfortable place to live. 

Where will I find scorpions?

Many types of scorpions thrive in Phoenix's outdoor spaces, but they don't stay outside. Scorpions regularly wind up inside our homes after following their prey indoors, searching for water, or escaping harsh weather conditions. Common entry points include loose siding, cracks in the foundation, vents, torn screens, and gaps under doors and spaces around windows.

Once inside your house, scorpions will move to areas that provide protection and easy access to food and water. Wall voids, crawl spaces, spaces behind cabinets, tubs, sinks, furniture, and in storage areas like attics and basements all act as indoor hideouts for scorpions. Potted plants are another common places to find scorpions in Phoenix homes.

How do I get rid of scorpions?

Scorpions have a tough armored shell that covers their body and guards them against most pesticides. The best way to maintain a home free of dangerous scorpions is to partner with a professional. Here at Eco Valley Pest Control, we know how to safely and effectively eliminate scorpions from our properties. Our home pest control professionals use innovative methods to keep scorpions out of Arizona homes. Please reach out today to learn more about getting rid of scorpions through our successful scorpion treatment options.

How can I prevent scorpions in the future?

In addition to partnering with a professional, use the following tips to help prevent issues with scorpions:

  • Remove your yard of clutter and debris that scorpions can use as shelter sites.
  • Use a silicone caulk to seal any cracks in your home's exterior. 
  • Install door sweeps and weatherstripping.
  • Remove scorpion food sources by partnering with a professional for year-round pest control services to control insect activity on your property. 
  • Eliminate potential water sources; don't overwater your lawn or landscape; repair leaky hoses and air conditioners. 
  • Keep outdoor lights off as much as possible to avoid attracting insects to your home's exterior.

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