The Struggles With Bed Bug Control In Phoenix

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Known to the locals as "The Valley of the Sun," warm and sunny Phoenix encourages people to enjoy its bustling urban areas, sophisticated suburban neighborhoods, and vast rural landscapes. Settling down into any of these areas comes with a unique southwestern flavor that people won't soon forget. One pest in the area that homeowners would love to forget is the well-traveled bed bug. Without pest control in Phoenix, these pesky insects might head to your house for a long, extended stay.

Bed Bugs Can Be Hard To Identify

Identifying bed bugs in Phoenix can be challenging for homeowners because of their small size and similarities to other common household pests like fleas, cockroach nymphs (smaller adult look-alikes), and ticks. Taking note of a few distinguishing bed bug characteristics can greatly aid homeowners in establishing whether or not they have a bed bug problem.

Three characteristics that help identify bed bugs include:

  1. Bed bugs can resemble an apple seed, with adults growing to a 1/4 inch.
  2. Engorged bed bugs get swollen and have a rich mahogany color; when unfed, they are flat and brown.
  3. Bed bug heads are smaller than their broad bodies; they have two antennae and six legs.

Unless homeowners are willing to take the time to get up close and personal with insects, they can sometimes be misidentified. At Echo Valley Pest Control, it is our job to get up close and personal with bugs, and we're good at it. To obtain local pest control for bed bugs, homeowners should contact Echo Valley Pest Control immediately.

Why Bed Bugs Like To Bite Sleeping People

Bed bugs get drawn to areas in a home where human blood is plenteous and easily accessible; that's why they like bedrooms. When humans settle down in their beds at night, turn off the lights, and fall blissfully asleep, they are an easy buffet for bed bugs. Since their bites are usually painless, people sleep peacefully while bed bugs fill up with blood. It only takes a short time for bed bugs to engorge themselves fully.

After a few days, their victims may start noticing colorless lumps on their skin that may burn or itch. A few bed bug bites may indicate a light infestation; if there's a lot, you've got a severe problem. No matter the severity of your bed bug problem, homeowners would be wise to enlist the help of a pest professional like Echo Valley Pest Control for complete bed bug control in Phoenix.

Three Things You Can Do To Prevent Bed Bugs

Homeowner vigilance is vital to preventing bed bugs. Bed bugs use everyday items to hitch rides into homes; therefore, homeowners should inspect things they bring through their doorways (especially after traveling).

Three ways homeowners can prevent bed bugs include:

  1. Inspect clothing and other items when you use public transportation or visit areas with heavy public access.
  2. Check bedsheets, covers, bed frames, mattresses, and headboards when staying overnight in a hotel, motel, or rental property. Keep suitcases and bags off the floor and vacuum suitcases/bags when arriving home; clothing should be washed and dried on hot settings.
  3. Always check items from bargain stores and yard sales; bed bugs will infest second-hand furniture.

Once bed bugs enter homes, they can quickly move to other rooms, making removing them challenging. Homeowners can get the best home pest control in Phoenix when they use the pest control services of Echo Valley Pest Control.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My House?

The best pest control for bed bugs near you is Echo Valley Pest Control. With over fourteen years of combined pest control experience, our local, family-owned, and operated company provides Arizona residents with an all-star team of pest industry professionals that can help restore homes to their pest-free condition. With emergency and same-day services available, homeowners can take action against pests today by calling Echo Valley Pest Control and requesting a free estimate.

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