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Rodent Control In Phoenix, AZ

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Ridiculously Simple Rodent Control For Phoenix Home And Business Owners

When it comes to finding and achieving good rodent control, working with a great service pro is absolutely imperative. From trap placement to bait placement to the installation of bait stations, the art of removing rodents is a fine science — and one best managed by the pros at Eco Valley Pest Control.

The team behind Eco Valley Pest Control has extensive experience with pest removal in Phoenix. Helping home and business owners alike with great services and lighting-fast treatments, we know exactly how to remove unwanted rats and mice without jeopardizing the safety of your property. Whether you're looking to catch some clever rats or just corner destructive mice, you can trust the professionals at Eco Valley Pest Control to do the job well.

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Rodent Control From Eco Valley Pest Control

Rodent control in Arizona is not for the faint of heart. However, the professionals at Eco Valley Pest Control have managed the process successfully for hundreds of homeowners all over Phoenix. Armed with a straightforward three-step process, we can address unwanted rodent activity in a time frame that works for you.

Our rodent control services generally start with a four to five-week service plan, depending on the size of your property. We first begin by inspecting your home for the signs and symptoms of an infestation. Once we've had the chance to survey the grounds for gnaw marks, droppings, or soiled insulation, we can begin a robust treatment plan that takes all your needs into consideration.

Here's how we get rid of rodents in Arizona:

  1. Pre-baiting: Pre-baiting is key to successful rodent control in attics, especially in our hot and sunny climate. Many rodents exhibit what is known as 'nuance phobia,' which means anything new in their environment may scare them away. Whereas mice are fairly inquisitive and investigate anything new, rats are very cautious and far more risk-averse. Pre-baiting familiarizes rodents with our traps by placing food around the unset mechanism. The rodents are allowed to feed from these unset traps for a week, which builds trust, removes 'nuance phobia,' and enhances each trap's effectiveness once live. 
  2. Building a perimeter: Placing rodent bait boxes around the perimeter of your fence can be a great strategy for reducing rodent pressures outside the home. Our experts will focus on a few rodent stations along your property's fence line or border, which can eliminate large numbers of outdoor rodents. We proudly offer cutting-edge tech and some of the best traps on the market to make your outdoor rodent control process as simple as possible.
  3. Bait stations: Eco Valley Pest Control offers a wide variety of bait and monitoring stations to maximize the value of your rodent treatment services. Some types of decorative stations look like false rocks or boulders, which means you won't have to broadcast your rodent control services to the world. We also provide monitoring stations with the ability to link to your WiFi connection. Properly installed, we can use these to monitor the rodent activity around your property and take more granular steps to stop pests in their track.

Once your initial service plan is complete, Eco Valley Pest Control will protect your home with an extended follow-up schedule. We plan to follow up with you once a week for five weeks straight, allowing us to monitor your rodent treatment's recovery phase. Some of our post-treatment activities may include identifying rodent entry points, sealing possible gaps, and excluding rodents from nesting sites after eliminating their threat.

Eco Valley Pest Control is your Phoenix provider of all things rodent control. For assistance with rats, mice, or something in between, our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to address your property in the safest way possible. You're welcome to learn more about our process or schedule a free initial inspection by calling our office today.

Reduce Rodents Without Reservations With Help From Eco Valley Pest Control

We've designed rodent control from Eco Valley Pest Control with individual needs in mind. We can eliminate rodents from even the toughest environments by creating custom programs centered around your unique circumstances. Our process is quick, simple, and easy to understand, and we can manage rodent infestations of practically any size.

Ready to get started? So are we. Eco Valley Pest Control prides itself on stellar communication with clients and can handle all your rodent pest control needs. Ask about our home pest control plans and pricing by calling our Phoenix office today.

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