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The Most Common Pests In Phoenix, AZ

Finding pests in your Phoenix home or business is never a good feeling, but knowing what those pests are and how to get rid of them can help alleviate some of the stress of discovering a pest infestation on your property. Our Pest Library provides useful information about common pests in Phoenix, including what problems they can cause and what you should do if you find them on your property. Use it to make informed decisions if you find ants pilfering the sugar in your kitchen, rodents building nests in your attic, or termites eating their way through your walls.

Scorpion curled up on a piece of wood in Arizona


Close up of a wolf spider crawling on the ground


Subterranean termite crawling in wood


Fire ant crawling on floor close up


Close up of a mosquito biting into a human


Roof rat close up

Roof Rats

Yellow jacket wasp close up

Bees & Wasps

American cockroach on the kitchen counter


Bed bug crawling on bedroom furniture

Bed Bugs

A tick on a leaf


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