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Pest Control In Peoria, AZ

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High-Quality Pest Control In Peoria, AZ

Peoria is known as one of the most exclusive places to live in the entire region. Residents love this city because of its good public schools, community parks, and suburban feel. Peoria offers access to nature as well as unexpected marinas, numerous golf courses, walkable neighborhoods, and every amenity that its residents could want. While conditions are warm throughout the year, sometimes, they can force pests like rodents into homes or provide perfect conditions for scorpions.

At Eco Valley Pest Control, we provide eco-friendly pest control in Peoria for homes and businesses. We are a locally-owned family business that believes in taking care of our customers every step of the way. While on our quest to build lasting relationships, we provide same-day and emergency services, reliable customer support, and customization of each service plan we enact. We work efficiently and offer the option of ongoing maintenance so that we can guarantee a pest-free environment for everyone. For more information on our services, call us today.

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Residential Pest Control In Peoria

At Eco Valley Pest Control, we provide ongoing pest control to keep your Peoria home free from pests. As a local, family-owned business, it’s our mission to deliver services that are equally safe and effective. We are highly detailed in our work and use exclusively eco-friendly products to accomplish this goal.

For general pest concerns, our process starts with a free home inspection. Your first service will include interior and exterior treatments such as setting sticky monitor traps, removing cobwebs, applying granular bait, and much more. If you enroll in ongoing services, we will treat the inside of your home as needed and the exterior every time we call. To learn more about our guaranteed residential pest control services, please contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Peoria

Deciding who to partner with for pest control doesn’t have to be a hard one to make. At Eco Valley Pest Control, we provide customized pest control that you can trust. We are a locally-owned family operation that services our neighbors with great pride.

In order to best understand your needs, we’ll start by performing a complete property evaluation. During this time, we’ll look for entry points, areas of pest activity, and conditions that could lead to future issues. One of our skilled technicians will share these findings with you and design a tailored treatment plan. We can treat a wide variety of businesses, from warehouses to restaurants. For more information on how commercial pest control services can benefit your business, please call us today.

Factors That Attract Rodents To Your Peoria Yard

Rodents are one group of pests that you want to keep away from your Peoria home. Here are a few of the factors that might draw them to your yard:

  • Trash: Rodents will eat almost anything they find, and your garbage is full of enticing options. If you store any trash bins outside, they may be the culprit for rodent activity. 
  • Overgrown greenery: Rats and squirrels are skilled climbers, and unkempt trees and shrubs can give them access to hiding spots. 
  • Water sources: Rodents also need water to survive, so leaky gutters, pipes, hoses, or other fixtures can lure them. 
  • Other food options: Things like bird feeders or fruit that falls on the ground are both effective food sources for rodents.

At Eco Valley Pest Control, we are ready to help you address all of your rodent concerns. We will start by inspecting your entire property in order to determine what factors are responsible for attracting rodents. Once we’ve made these determinations, we will strategically place one of our many bait station options around the perimeter of your home. One example is a decorative bait station linked to wifi to alert us to rodent activity. We will monitor your property on a regular basis upon installation so that we can guarantee you a rodent-free home. For more information on rodent control, call us today.

How To Identify A Scorpion In Peoria

Scorpions are common pests for Peoria property owners that are attracted to pests like flies, standing water, and warmth. Certain scorpions are a nuisance, but other species, like the Arizona bark scorpion, are highly venomous. Some of the defining characteristics of scorpions include the following:

  • Front pincers that range in size and thickness
  • A curled tail that can wag
  • Brown, yellow, or reddish coloring
  • A glow-in-the-dark appearance at nighttime
  • Several sets of legs that splay out from an oblong abdomen
  • An overall crab-like appearance

At Eco Valley Pest Control, we take all scorpions seriously. In order to effectively address scorpion populations, we start by performing detailed property inspections. This examination will allow us to understand where scorpions congregate and what’s responsible for their presence. From there, we’ll implement an innovative, eco-friendly method on the exterior of properties to keep scorpions away. We can also work with property owners on preventing other pests that might be responsible for attracting scorpions through our general pest control offerings. For more information on scorpion control, call us today.

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