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Mosquito Control In Phoenix, AZ

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Mosquito Madness Is Taking Over Phoenix

Did you know mosquitos are some of the most dangerous animals on the planet? Killing an estimated 750,000 humans per year, these insects are a massive problem for Arizona homeowners, business managers, and property-owning locals. Since these pests don't entirely disappear during the cooler winter months, large infestations may compound year over year if you do not properly address them.

The elimination of mosquitos can be a tricky affair. However, with the help of Eco Valley Pest Control by your side, people can obtain a serious reduction in mosquito populations around most yards and landscapes. Don't take our word for it — ask our wildly happy customers!

Eco Valley Pest Control is ready to help with free mosquito inspections, sage advice, and even same-day services. Just sign up for our seasonal program today to protect your Phoenix property from the threat of mosquitoes.

In2care system for mosquito control.

Mosquito Control From Eco Valley Pest Control

It doesn't take much to recognize a mosquito problem around your home. If the frequent bites and itchy marks don't alert you to their presence, their constant buzzing and dark, lanky forms will be a dead giveaway. Working with the professional technicians at Eco Valley Pest Control can help you identify mosquitoes, locate harborage zones, and cut back their populations in a simple three-step process.

Mosquito control in Phoenix from Eco Valley Pest Control consists of the following:

  1. Inspection: To get rid of mosquitoes around your Phoenix property, you must first identify any attractant factors that may draw them nearby — including harborage zones for adults and larvae. Eco Valley Pest Control offers free mosquito inspections that examine your entire property for the signs and symptoms of pests. Once we know exactly the location of your mosquito population, we can begin treatments around your property with our verified products and tools.
  2. Fogging: Roughly half of the mosquito's diet consists of harmless plant nectar. Feeding on oils that trees, shrubs, and bushes excrete throughout the day, female mosquitoes only feed on blood at dusk or dawn. For this reason, the team behind Eco Valley Pest Control will target all trees, shrubs, and bushes on your property with a specialized type of pest fog. As the mosquitoes around your yard feed on plants and nectar, they unknowingly ingest the microscopic fogging solution, which reduces their numbers significantly.
  3. Trapping: Eco Valley Pest Control goes the extra mile to protect your property with the help of naturalistic mosquito trapping. Our solution of choice, the In2Care Mosquito Trap, uses stagnant water to attract mosquitoes. Each trap has two unique fungal ingredients; one that affects the mosquito's respiratory system and another that prohibits larvae from maturing. Both active ingredients are completely safe for pets and animals and target only mosquitoes. Pairing traps with monthly fogging is a surefire way to reduce mosquito bites, giving you more control over your outdoor space.

Please keep in mind that all mosquito control services from Eco Valley Pest Control are seasonally available from May through October, which is usually when our local temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures drop below 50 degrees, most of the adult mosquito population dies off, meaning our services won't be much help. However, new eggs and larvae will be ready to hatch in the spring, which is when our services begin for the year.

Keep mosquitoes away from your home with help from Eco Valley Pest Control. You can give us a call to request an estimate and get a quote for your residential or commercial property. Depending on when you contact our office, we may be able to help you with same-day pest control services in Phoenix.

Fight The Bite With Eco Valley Pest Control

Mosquitoes in Arizona are a nuisance, plain and simple. Between the threat of virus spread and the ever-present worry of parasites and pathogens, their presence is anything but desirable around your Phoenix, AZ, property. Thankfully, you won't have to navigate their idiosyncrasies alone.

With Eco Valley Pest Control by your side, reducing local populations can be a walk in the park. We combat mosquito activity by treating the problem at its source, managing breeding behaviors, and reducing their food supply through a two-pronged treatment approach. From our first treatment in early spring to our final application in the fall, you can trust our team to get the job done right — the first time!

Fight the bite and ask your Eco Valley Pest Control professional about seasonal or year-round mosquito control services. If you schedule your free inspection today, you can enjoy a brand-new (and mosquito-free) tomorrow. Don't wait until bites are covering your body; call us now to start protecting your home ASAP. Affordable home pest control services and treatments are available, so ask early to get on our roster now.

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