How To Avoid The Bed Bugs In Phoenix

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Whether at the house, in the office, or vacationing at a four-star hotel, bed bugs know no boundaries when it comes to infesting areas where people inhabit. It’s not beds that attract these insects; it’s people. Blame our biology for drawing these critters to us like a magnet. 

Fortunately, Eco Valley Pest Control provides the most effective pest control in Phoenix to completely eradicate bed bug infestations, creating a safe and healthy environment for all. Read on to discover more about these insects and why you don’t want them hanging around for long.

Bed Bugs Can Be Hard To Identify

There should be a picture of bed bugs in the dictionary beneath the word “inconspicuous.” These devious insects know how to hide with the best of them. Bed bugs get a free ride directly into your house by sneaking into common items, like suitcases, bags, furniture, storage containers, and cardboard boxes. Once settled, they can venture to other parts of your residence, all without you knowing they exist. Bed bugs can survive a long time without consuming a blood meal, making it possible for them to stay out of sight for months and sometimes even years. That’s why it’s important to remain proactive and implement daily and weekly practices that keep these insects at bay. For further information, give professional home pest control in Phoenix a call.

Are Bed Bugs In My House Harmful To My Health?

You would think insects that feed on your blood cause serious adverse health effects. Surprisingly, bed bugs in Phoenix do not cause physical harm to humans as they’re not carriers of disease or human pathogens. Bed bugs are annoying and can cause skin irritation in some people, while others won’t experience any signs they were bitten. However, if you have allergies, you may experience bed bug bites, like itching, and skin conditions that arise from constant scratching. So, harmful or not, it’s still important to contact your local pest control for bed bugs if you notice clues that these insects have invaded your home. 

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs That Actually Work

Despite their name, you can find bed bugs in more places other than burrowed within your mattress seams and bedding. These insects infest offices and commercial spaces with equal frequency. They’re attracted to the human body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale. That means bed bugs can be anywhere people are located: home, office, school, hotel, and more. For the best chances of preventing their presence, follow the highly practical tips below:

  • Vacuum daily, especially in deep pockets or corners of furniture. 
  • Regularly wash clothing, uniforms, and other fabrics in hot water and dry them on the highest heat setting. 
  • Eliminate as many pest hiding places as possible by cleaning up any clutter.
  • Carefully inspect items delivered to your property, especially if they’re secondhand. 
  • Encourage others to take proactive measures against bed bugs in their personal lives. 

If you suspect any insect activity, do not hesitate to call the best bed bug pest control near you to schedule a comprehensive property inspection. 

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you want to ensure your working environment remains free of pests all year round, consider partnering with a professional pest control company for the most effective bed bug removal. Experienced technicians have spent years educating themselves on the habits and behaviors of pests to make it easier to wipe them out. They also utilize the newest technologies and products to get the job done right the first time. 

Eco Valley Pest Control delivers premium bed bug pest control in Phoenix that surpasses the competition. The reason is simple. We only focus our efforts on eliminating bed bugs exclusively, which means we understand the fastest way to get rid of them better than anyone else. Our specially trained canines sniff out the location of bed bugs with pinpoint precision. Get in touch with us today to schedule your courtesy inspection.

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