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Reliable Pest Control In Arcadia, AZ

Arcadia is a neighborhood in part of both Phoenix and Scottsdale that features large properties. Despite being in the desert, residential yards have green landscaping rarely found in the area. It's also a short drive from downtown Phoenix, Old Town Scottsdale, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The landscaping in Arcadia properties provides homes for pests. Many species can't reside in the desert environment but find shelter in the grass, trees, and bushes growing on these properties. They'll invade buildings to avoid the hot weather or predators, creating problems for residents and businesses. Regular visits by Arcadia, AZ, pest control professionals can keep these creatures outside.

Eco Valley Pest Control knows the environments that attract animals and how to control different species. Our technicians will customize a plan that meets your needs, ensuring you receive the best service possible.

Residential Pest Control In Arcadia

Most Arizona properties lack green features like grass and trees. However, Arcadia is unique because many residences have lush, green yards. The animals that require grass and trees invade these properties for shelter but still need water. They'll invade structures to find it, spreading damage and illnesses as they crawl around your home.

Our Eco Valley Pest Control technicians will inspect your yard, fence line, and eves to find pests. We'll check for entry points and seal off openings. Our treatment starts by spraying your doors, wet areas, and crevices. We'll de-web your home before moving outside, spraying your fence line, and placing bait stations around your perimeter.

We can provide one-time home pest control in Arcadia, AZ, or return regularly to keep pests away. Return visits focus on your exterior, but we can service inside if necessary. Call us today to keep pests away from your home.

Commercial Pest Control In Arcadia

Many pests invade residences for the grass, trees, and bushes, but others prefer the hiding spots in commercial properties. They enter these buildings to avoid the heat or predators, typically staying hidden during the day and coming out at night. Commercial pest control in Arcadia, AZ, is the only way to protect your business from these intruders.

Eco Valley Pest Control protects Arcadia businesses from the area's common pests. We offer customized treatments to meet your needs, but always start by inspecting where you notice problems. We'll walk your property to discover activity, entry points, and attractive conditions, developing a plan based on our findings.

Effective pest control is year-round, so we recommend recurring services to keep pests away from your facility. Contact us to keep potentially troublesome animals out of your Arcadia business.

Why DIY Mosquito Control In Arcadia Is A Waste

Mosquitoes are a year-round annoyance for Arcadia residents. They hide during the daytime to avoid dehydration, usually biting around dawn and dusk. Most species are only nuisances, but some can spread illnesses to people.

Many residents think they can prevent mosquitoes with DIY (do-it-yourself) methods. While over-the-counter sprays are cheaper than a professional mosquito treatment in Arcadia, they're less effective and short-term solutions.

Some of the reasons why DIY mosquito control is a waste include:

  • Many over-the-counter products are ineffective.
  • Spray timing is essential for eliminating mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to specific conditions.
  • It's impossible to remove all mosquitoes.

At Eco Valley Pest Control, we'll inspect your yard for hiding and breeding spots. We'll target these areas with mosquito fog and trap products for the most effective results. These pests are most common between May and October, so we recommend monthly treatments.

Mosquitoes deliver irritating bites but can also cause health threats to Arcadia residents. Give us a call if these potentially harmful insects are biting on your property.

Emergency Termite Response In Arcadia: What To Do If You Have Termites

Termites live in soil but still reside in desert environments. They live underground and build tunnels to reach structures without attracting attention. They'll find entry into buildings through spaces in your exterior, create tiny holes to infest wood, and feed from the inside out. As a result, you'll rarely see these creatures, enabling them to remain for months or years.

These pests often stay in homes for long periods before being discovered. They eat slowly through wood but can cause significant damage over time. Preventing these insects from invading your house is the best way to avoid the problems they cause.

Some tips to keep termites away from your Arcadia home include:

  • Divert water away from your foundation.
  • Move firewood away from your building.
  • Repair leaks in pipes or faucets.
  • Ventilate attics, basements, and crawl spaces.

These pests are hard to find and remove from your home, so you need professional termite control services in Arcadia if you spot signs of them in your house. Eco Valley Pest Control offers three service plans to handle termite infestations. We use a combination of liquid and bait treatments to remove termites and keep them away.

Termites are destructive pests that invade Arcadia properties. Let us know if you want to keep these troubling pests away from your home.